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Truck Driving by Lake

Owner Operators

Show Me Trucking cares about our drivers. We operate with high integrity, taking care of both our clients and our employees. Our approach has always been to allow the volume of business to dictate the number of trucks that we operate at any given time resulting in a high productivity factor for our fleet. High productivity means excellent driver wages earned in a 5 to 5 1/2 day work week allowing weekends to be spent at home with family and friends.

  • High Load Factor Due to Pre-arranged Loads

  • Regional Operation 

  • Respect for Family Obligations 

  • Fast, Accurate, Weekly Pay 

  • Longevity Bonus  (6 months and 18 months of service)

  • Year Round Employment

  • Controlled Dispatch

Owner Operators Join Our Team!

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Owner Operator Requirements

Requirements to Lease to Show Me Trucking

  1. Be at least 23 years old with a minimum of 1 year VERIFIABLE tractor trailer driving experience.

  2. Pass a D.O.T. physical along with all controlled substance aspects and be in good health.

  3. Have no more than 2 moving violations within the year prior to application and no DUI convictions within the previous 3 years (private vehicle) or within the previous 5 years (commercial vehicle) or C & I in a commercial vehicle within the previous 5 years.

  4. The driver must have a responsible history with former employers (your employment background, driving record and work history WILL be verified).

  5. Demonstrate the ability to properly complete all required paperwork including log books, delivery paperwork and trip reports.

  6. No major preventable accidents in the past 3 years.

  7. Hold a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) (Class A).

  8. Own tractor &/or trailer in good condition that will pass a D.O.T. inspection in OUR shop. Equipment must be in good physical condition with no dents or primer showing.

  9. Own or be able to purchase your own cargo control equipment to meet a minimum lease requirement of:

  • 12 Cargo control straps (may be either 2" or 4" or a combination of both)

  • 6 Chains & binders

  • A full set of tarps that would allow tarping of an 8’ drop over 48’. We use 3 18’ x 24’ tarps allowing 2 tarps only to be used on lower height loads

  • 1 smoke tarp (for plastic pipe)

  • 3 pairs of coil racks

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